Kybella® Chin Fat Melt

Let’s all agree that nobody wants to feel like they look out of shape or tired, and one persistent cause of these feelings is a double chin. This aesthetic view is caused by excessive fatty tissue in the submental area – the region below the chin. With Kybella, the newest submental-fat-reduction option that is offered at Lumiere Laser Center, patients can rid themselves of that unwanted double chin.

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Kybella® Treatment

For years, the medical industry has been looking for a way to get rid of a double chin without liposuction surgery. Surgeons know that many patients view surgery as an intimidating prospect that typically requires downtime and may be accompanied by an uncomfortable recovery process. With FDA-approved Kybella, a safe and effective way to remove stubborn submental fat – no surgery or incisions are required! Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable double-chin-reduction method on the market today.

With their double chins a thing from the past, patients feel more confident and have a better self-image. They also tend to view themselves as younger-looking and thinner.

Say “goodbye” to that double-chin with a Kybella treatment
Say “goodbye” to that double-chin with a Kybella treatment


Before and after photos
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