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Lumi is beyond a med spa. Lumi is a feeling. Lumi is embracing your best self. Embracing the fountain of you.

Time can be unkind to everyone's skin and body. The caring staff at Lumi Aesthetics believes in rolling out the red carpet for every visit and every guest, treating everyone live family, discovering each guest's unique beauty plan.

Every day at Lumi Aesthetics is an opportunity to celebrate ALL of the clients who walk through our doors! We take pride in listening to the needs and preferences of our diverse clientele and strive to be inclusive of all people who make up our beautiful, individual, multicultural, multiracial, LGBTQ+, Lumi family. We are honored to help each and every client "Embrace the fountain of you'!

You are beautiful. We will help you prove it. To yourself. And the world.

Sun exposure. Excess weight. Gravity. Stress. Dark spots develop. Collagen and elastin break down. Fine lines and wrinkles appear. Areas get puffy or sag. Unwanted hair grows and regrows.

But we know how to fight back. Our staff keeps up-to-date on advances in the fields of skincare and med spa procedures and provides a full range of facial and body services to help you feel your best by looking your best.


Body recontouring improves skin’s contour, texture, and shape.


Radio frequency fat destruction allows for quick and measurable reduction in body fat.


Laser skin resurfacing refreshes the look of your skin by smoothing wrinkles and reducing discoloration.


Botox® and Dermal Fillers through facial harmonization give your face a more
refreshed and relaxed look.


Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair from any part of the body.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Cyrus Yazdi
Medical Director
Dr. Neda Hovaizi
Clinical Director
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Nadia Santos
Office Manager / Lead Medical Aesthetician
Lumi Med Spa | Influencer Event
Yasmim Souza
Medical Aesthetician
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Kelly Cormier

Registered Nurse


“If we all can inspire others through the light we bring to the world, that is true beauty.”

- Medical Director Dr.Yazdi and Clinical Director Dr.Hovaizi

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